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May 2016

Gear Fundamentals & Failure Analysis
Scott Ouellette
Rexnord Industries



January 2016

Considerations For Accelerometer Selection When Monitoring Complex Machinery Vibration
Jeff Rybak
PCB/IMI Sensors

SmartGen Continuous Monitoring - Advanced Pattern Recognition - PlantView Program Implementation @ Smith Energy Complex
Russ Flagg
Duke Energy


September 2015

Monitoring Reciprocating Compressors
Mary Margaret Chapman


June 2015 (Epcot, Walt Disney World - Joint Meeting w/ Florida & Georgia Chapters)

Back To Basics - Rubbing Or Not?
Richard Thomas

Vibration Analysis Of Cooling Tower Fans
Barry Cease
Cease Industrial Consulting


September 2014

The Not So Scary World Of Centrifugal Chillers
Nicholas A. Martin
Brady Services

Coal Mining Equipment Vibration Analysis - Results Of Eleven Years Of Shop Testing
Ken Singleton
KSC Consulting


February 2014

Using Vibration Analysis To Identify & Help Correct An ID Fan Foundation Problem
Barry T. Cease
Cease Industrial Consulting

September 2013

A Common Sense Discourse On Alignment-Related Vibration
Stan Riddle

Test It, Don't Change It:  Industrial On-Site Oil Analysis
Candice Brown
Spectro, Inc.

The Many Applications Of Proximity Probes - Installing Probes When It Seems Impossible
Talmadge Ward
Duke Energy

February 2013

Interpreting Vibration Spectrum and TWF Patterns
(Understanding Motion Through Pattern Recognition)

Mr. Richard Burton
ICM Training
Rockwell Automation

Time Waveform Calculations Spreadsheet
Mr. Richard Burton
ICM Training
Rockwell Automation


May 2012

Field Balancing Of Rotating Machinery
William T. Pryor III
PdM Solutions, Inc


February 2012

Physics Of Centrifugal Pumps & Cavitation Case History
David Kesler
Technical Associates Of Charlotte


December 2011

The Teeth Tell The Story - Gearbox Troubleshooting & Analysis
Part 1 - Fundamentals
Part 2 - Types Of Gears
Part 3 - Manufacturing
Part 4 - Quality
Part 5 - Lubrication
Part 6 - Failure Analysis
Part 7 - Alternatives
Richard Black
Rexnord (Falk)

Bearing Fluting Detection & Cure
Andrew Kressbach
Aegis Bearing Protection, Electro Static Technology

The Technology Behind The Shock Pulse Method (SPM)
Larry Goodenow
SPM Condition Monitoring Solutions


September 2011

Reliability Improvement Project, Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers
Ken Singleton
KSC Consulting

Machine Vibration Standards:  Ok, Good, Better & Best
Part 1 - What Causes Vibration And Why Do We Care About It?
Part 2 - Absolute, General Standards
Part 3 - Absolute, Machine Specific Standards
Part 4 - Comparative & Historical Standards
Barry Cease
Cease Industrial Consulting


May 2011

Pump Vibration Troubleshooting
William D. Marscher, P.E.
Mechanical Solutions, Inc.

December 2010

Energy Conservation & Equipment Reliability With Ultrasound
Adrian Messer
UE Systems, Inc.

September 2010

Rolling Element Bearing Analysis - Techniques & Practices
Dennis Shreve
CommTest, Inc.

Motor Electrical Fluting
Janelle Hammes
Electric Motor and Repair, inc.

Behind Pump Vibrations
David Olney
Pump Consultant

Thermography Case Studies
David Gleaton
Carolina Infrared, LLC.

May 2010

Nuggets of Gold, Vibration Case Histories
Nelson Baxter
ABM Technical Services

February 2010

Pre-alignment - How 15 Minutes Can Save You $$$
Stan Riddle

Fundamentals of Gear Repair
Art Nelson, P.E.
Lufkin Gear

VFD Fundamentals and Troubleshooting
Timothy S. Irwin, P.E.
M&B Engineered Solutions

December 2009

Relationship Between Vibration & Mechanical Seal Failures In Centrifugal Pumps
Robert Leishear
Savannah River Company

Vibration Sources In Electric Motors
Edward Jenkins
Jenkins Electric

September 2009

What Makes An Award Winning PDM Program
Ted Royal
Duke Energy, Catawba Nuclear Station

May 2009

Static and Dynamic Motor Testing
Drew Norman
Baker Instrument Company

February 2009

Root Cause (Failure) Analysis
Eugene T. Cottle
Life Cycle Engineering

Thermography Case Studies
David Gleaton
Carolina Infrared

Bringing Vibration, CMMS Systems & Precision Maintenance Together
To Identify & Eliminate The True Bad Actors In Your Plant

Powerpoint Format
PDF Format

Thermal Growth Calculation Sheet For Download
Scott Glover
Kapstone Paper

ODS & Modal Case Histories
Barry T. Cease
Cease Industrial Consulting

December 2008

The True Shock Pulse Method for Lubrication Condition Monitoring
Written by - Larry Goodenow - SPM Instruments, Inc.
Presented by - Russell Huggins - PdM Services, Inc.

Concrete and Composite Foundations
Jason Lewis
Furmanite America, Inc.

Wireless Machine Condition Assessment System Installation
Brandon DeVier
Azima/DLI Engineering Corp.

Lubrication Contamination Control
JB Bacon
PetroLiance LLC

May 2008

Wear Particle Analysis Workshop
Raymond J. Dalley
Predict, Inc.

High Frequency Analysis with Advanced Technologies
Dave Druif
Emerson Process Management - Asset Optimization

Sleeve Bearing Diagnostics Using Proximity Probes
Charles Phelps
GE Energy

February 2008

Key Setup Parameters For Meaningful Vibration Data Analysis
Dennis Shreve
Commtest Inc.

Centrifugal Compressor Operation and Maintenance
Bruce Leonetti
Lion Compression Services

Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressor Case Studies
Timothy S. Irwin, P.E.
M&B Engineered Solutions, Inc.

December 2007

Transient Speed Vibration Analysis
Stanley R. Bognatz, P.E.
M&B Engineered Solutions, Inc.

May 2007

Vibration Analysis:  Automated Diagnostics
Mike Cannon
DLI Engineering

Automated Bearing Wear Detection
Mike Cannon
DLI Engineering

February 2007

Oil Fundamentals
Mong-Ching Lin
Emerson Process Management

Online Monitoring Systems
Timothy S. Irwin, P.E.
M&B Engineered Solutions

Optical Alignment, Thermal Growth, & Machinery Movement
Stanley R. Bognatz, P.E./Timothy S. Irwin, P.E.
M&B Engineered Solutions

December 2006

Ferrography Analysis on Turbine Bearings
Ray Dalley

Motor Balancing Standards
Clay Boyd, PE
Duke Energy

Motor Condition Monitoring Using Current & Torque Signature Analysis
Joe Geiman
Baker Instruments

September 2006

A Gearbox Story
Jim Maddrey, PE & Dusty Pratt
JMADD Engineering & RJ Reynolds Co.

Case Study - Analysis Of Two Stage Planetary Gearbox Vibration
Ken Singleton
KSC Consulting, LLC

Starting A PM Program
Stan Riddle
RJ Reynolds Co.

Out of the Box - Upgrading Power Transmission Technology
John Croley
Gates Corporation

Field Analysis & Balancing Tools
Dennis Shreve
Commtest, Inc

May 2006

Centrifugal Pumps
Justin Bjork/Dr. Barry Erickson
Flowserve Corp.

Centrifugal Pump Internal Clearances
Dr. Barry Erickson/Justin Bjork
Flowserve Corp.

Turbine Generators and Sleeve Bearings
Timothy S. Irwin, P.E.
M&B Engineered Solutions, Inc.

Fluid-Film Bearings
Dr. Lyle Branagan
Pioneer Motor Bearings, Inc.

Fluid Film Thrust Bearings
Dr. Lyle Branagan
Pioneer Motor Bearings, Inc.

February 2006

Steam Turbines & Condition Monitoring, Part 1
Tim Irwin, PE
M&B Engineered Solutions

Steam Turbines & Condition Monitoring, Part 2
Tim Irwin, PE
M&B Engineered Solutions

December 2005

Proximity Signal Use - What Are We Looking At?
Tim Irwin, PE
GE Energy

Ultrasonics & Applications
Allan Rienstra
SDT North America

September 2005

Filters and Enveloping
William Tudoroff
Rockwell Automation

The Art of Instrumentation
Buddy Lee

February 2005

Oil Analysis & Ferrography
Mr. Barry Schoch

February 2004

Decreasing Bolt and Bearing Failures in Process Rolls
Ken Singleton and Bob Bracher
KSC Consulting & Wellman

Part 1 - Bolt Failures

Part 2 - Bearings

Part 3 - Condition Monitoring

Part 4 - Modal & Bump Testing

September 2003

Four Case Histories
Barry T. Cease

Gearbox Spectral Components & Analysis
Tim Irwin, PE/Kinard Fennel, PE
Bently Nevada, Machinery Diagnostics Group

February 2003

Centrifugal Pump Vibrations - The Causes
Steven J. Hrivnak, PE
Eastman Chemical Company

Synchronous Averaging - The Trigger Is Everything
Gerry Priebe

May 2002

Overhung Fans - Reliability Improvement Opportunities
Ken Singleton
KSC Consulting, LLC

November 2001

Oil Analysis Implemented
J. Mike Weiksner
Westinghouse, SRS